Stylish X-Art for Mobility

  • Execution

    Assembly, Consulting, Graphics, Production

  • Client

    Mobility Genossenschaft

Car-sharing pioneer Mobility celebrates a symbolic success on the way to electrifying its own fleet. The cooperative has just stationed its 500th electric car at the new Akara Tower in Baden. For once, the VW ID.3 does not come in the typical Mobility red but in a special wrapping – designed by the artist collective REAL Crew. The designed shapes were created in a traditional way and then transformed into a complex vector illustration. This was then color accurately implemented by our prepress and printing and applied in the car wrapping technique by our assembly in full size. 

Thanks to our professional handling, from project management to printing and equipment to final installation, Mobility could immediately put the vehicle back into operation at the location. 

A truly beautiful splash of color on the road, which could be implemented in the shortest possible time thanks to the excellent collaboration of all involved.

Photo Credit: Christinger AG & Patrick Besch


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