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The Wipf Group proves itself despite a challenging environment 

The past business year was marked by many challenges. Persistent disruptions in the supply chain, high price volatility in raw materials, and uncertainties in their availability led to consistently high inventory levels. However, the macro trends that drive our growth remained intact: In the reporting year, the Wipf Group was convincing in terms of revenue, increasing by 4.3 percent (previous year +8.1%). 

The group's revenue rose to CHF 182 million (previous year CHF 174 million). It is noteworthy that the EBITDA, at CHF 18.3 million (previous year CHF 17.9 million), stabilized at 10 percent of revenue despite a challenging economic situation. The Swiss advertising market has somewhat recovered in the past year but is still somewhat distant from the pre-pandemic level. It is also highly volatile, and developments can be challenging to predict.

The following divisional reports provide insight into our various business areas: "Flexible Packaging," "Envelopes & Stationery," "Direct Marketing," and "Digital Services."

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